Spirit of Crescent Hill Awards

Spirit of Crescent Hill Awards

Spirit of Crescent Hill Awards

Founded in 1998, by Crescent Hill resident and former Crescent Hill Community Council president, Richard Jett, the Spirit of Crescent Hill Award was created to honor outstanding acts of community spirit in the neighborhood. Crescent Hill is blessed to have many wonderful people who love her and are willing to selflessly give their time and talents to make her one of the best places to live in the city. Businesses and institutions as well as individuals have been recipients of the Spirit of Crescent Hill Award.  Those honored may be long time members of Crescent Hill or a newcomer who has stepped up and gone to work making Crescent Hill the special place it is.

Do you know a person, business or institution working to make Crescent Hill fabulous?  If so, the committee, Steve Imhoff, Evie Wilkinson, Tim Allen, Michele Hundley and Joyce Cossavella, would like to hear from you. Please contact the committee chair Evie Wilkinson at evelynwilkinson@gmail.com with your suggestions and include a short paragraph as to why you are making the nomination.  Awards are presented at the annual Dessert with the Mayor event scheduled each fall.


The Crescent Hill Community Council thanks these leaders who have given selflessly of their time and talents to make Crescent Hill a better place to live:


2021: Tony Kamber, Tom Fearing, Rita Higgins-Myers, Debbie Weibe, Leslie Word, Michaelle Warner *Click Here for Photo*

2020:  John Uhl, Steve Porter, Charles Main, Rick and Mary Ellen Harned, Rich and Cheri Gering, Gregory Robertson, and Heady-Cralle Funeral Home *Click Here for Photo*

2019:  Joan Hoeck,  Cam Corbin, Oscar’s Hardware, Mariel Young, Mona Ball and Dick Humke *Click Here for Photo*

2018: Taylor Mayer, Judith McCandless, John Nation, Evie Wilkinson, Ruth and Bob French/Louisville Academy of Music *Click Here for Photo*

2017: Tara Bassett, Charles Cash, Mike DaRif, Doris Lamb, Barret Traditional Middle School *Click Here for Photo*

2016: Shawn Dikes, Martha Elson, Jon Glassford, Frances Hammers, Judy Sanders, Bourbon Barrel Foods *Click Here for Photo*

2015: Steve Disney, Mark Gaff, Marie Goodwin, Stephanie Miller, Louisville Water Company, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church *Click Here for Photo*

2014: David Fountain, Holly Oldham Hawkins, Amy Parker, Tom Spicknall, Tina Ward-Pugh, Clough Venable, Kathy Weissbach

2013: Lynda Beha, Kathy and Barry Creech, Allan Steinberg, Alice Winkie, DD Williamson

2012: Norma Adams, Dee Allen Judy Gogan, Leslie and Michael Summers,Carmichael’s Bookstore, Lexie’s Trading Post

2011: Steven Bobbie, Darrell Anne Driskill, Miriam Forinash, Diana Gautier, Cynthia Thomas, St. Joseph Children’s Home

2010: Kathleen Batsel, Janine Linder, Kathy Schmitt, Greg Smith, Wakefield-Reutlinger

2009: Cabrina Bosco, Brian Butler, Lorie Jacobs, Jason Seiber, Jim Watters, Jim Conti/Jimmie Conti & Son

2008: Jason Baker, Pat Brinson and Jerry Fielden, Suzanne and Joe Ward, First Capital Bank, Masonic Home, Peterson-Dumesnil House Foundation, John Johnson/The Wine Rack

2007: Tim Allen, Barb Bower, Melissa Mershon, Bill Schuetze, Sam Thomas, Field Elementary School

2006: Michael Berger, Len Dunman, Jane Emke, Steve Imhoff, Berniece Thomas, Jody Swimmer and Rick Lyons/Fitness on Frankfort

2005: Becky Guthrie, Richard Jett, Russ Maple, Barbara Deemer/B. Deemer Gallary, Debbie Oberhauser/Crescent Hill Library

2004: Joyce Cossavella, Michele Hundley, Barb McGee, Pete Melican, Frankfort Avenue Business Association

2003: Grady Clay, Adam Schneider, Margaret and Jerry Heston/Heston Salon, Tim Coury/Porcini’s

2002: Bill Hollander, Sue Ritman, Pat Schmidt, Crescent Hill Garden Club, Tony BoomBozz

2001: Pam Jett, Linda and Bill Ottman, Betty Voit, Joe Winkie, Mike Mayes/Heine Brothers, Louisville Fire and Rescue, Frankfort and Franck Station

2000: Stan Hudson, Bill Ray, Margaret Browning/Margaret’s Consignment, Boy Scout Troop One

1999: Bim Deitrich/Deitrich’s, Sue Gentry/United Crescent Hill Ministries, Gene Heustis, Barb Sinai

1998: Victory Bisig, Nancy Owens, Louise Page, Rosie and Charlie Scott, Joanne Walker