About the Crescent Hill Community Council

About the Crescent Hill Community Council

The mission of the Crescent Hill Community Council (CHCC) is to serve as an advocate for maintaining Crescent Hill’s quality of life by improving the civic, recreational, cultural and educational life of the Crescent Hill neighborhood, and by strengthening community pride and involvement through objective planning, preservation, and enhancement of its historic character and natural beauty.

Council Goals

  • Increase awareness of the Council’s purpose and activities.
  • Provide opportunities for people to become involved in the Council and its programs and activities.
  • Work more closely with the Frankfort Avenue Business Association and other Crescent Hill organizations and institutions.
  • Act as an advocate for neighborhood physical improvements.
  • Preserve Crescent Hill’s historic character and natural beauty.
  • Promote a safe community.
  • Strengthen the Council’s relationship with Metro agencies and elected officials.


Crescent Hill Community Council Structure

The CHCC is comprised of Crescent Hill residents who pay annual membership dues. The CHCC holds an annual meeting for all members in November, when new board members are elected for the following year. A Board governs work between general meetings. The Board is composed of officers, district representatives, and at-large members. Board meetings are typically held monthly, and are open to the public.