Crescent Hill History

Crescent Hill History

Crescent Hill History

The history of Crescent Hill can be traced back to the original pioneer road of the 1780s. Upgraded as the Louisville-Lexington Turnpike in 1817, it is today’s Frankfort Avenue. With the coming of the Louisville-Frankfort Railroad line in 1849, Crescent Hill became a true suburb. Early structures were joined by splendid homes as many prominent Louisvillians chose the area as the location for their “summer residences.

In 1853, at the site of the current Crescent Avenue, the Fairgrounds were constructed and for 20 years hosted state and national expositions. The stately Crescent Hill Reservoir and Park were constructed in 1879 and are still a mecca for residents today.

By the time of WWI most of the homes in Crescent Hill had been built, as well as the churches, the firehouse, the library, the water tower, St. Joseph’s Orphans’ Home and Emmet Field School. Later construction included the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Crescent Movie Theater, Ursuline College, the Crescent Hill Golf Course and Barret Junior High School. By 1922, all of Crescent Hill had been annexed into the City of Louisville.

Crescent Hill residents have always been dedicated to their community. As early as 1908 the Crescent Hill Improvement Club published the illustrated Beautiful Crescent Hill as a prospectus to encourage others to buy homes in the rapidly growing suburb. Six years later, the Crescent Hill Forward Club was formed to address neighborhood problems. Community spirit was promoted by the Crescent Hill Community Club which was active for many years.

The early work of these groups is being continued today through the efforts of the Crescent Hill Community Council.

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