Crescent Hill Community Council 2023 Board of Directors

President: Cynthia Thomas
ice President: Matthew Kellner
Treasurer: Elicia Newcom Gregory
Secretary: Lauren Lydon 

District Representatives 

At-Large Representatives  

Chatsworth District: 2400- 2506 Brownsboro Rd. (even addresses), Calvin Ave., Eagles Eyrie, 111-183 N Ewing Ave. (odd addresses), N Galt Ave., 200-230 Idlewylde Dr., N Peterson Ave., N Peterson Ct. 

Chatsworth Rep: Debbie Deathridge Email Debbie

Cochran Hill District: Cochran Hill Rd., Crosshill Rd., 2510-2708 Grinstead Dr. (even addresses), 2701-2723 Lexington Rd. (odd addresses), Raleigh Ln., Tophill Rd., Upland Rd., Wataga Dr.  

Cochran Hill Rep: Sandra Dodge; Email Sandra

Dumesnil House District: S Bayly Ave., Caldonia Ave., Cliffwood Ave., Fayette Ave., Franck Ave., 2407-2773 Frankfort Ave (odd addresses), S Galt Ave., 2609-2773 Grinstead Dr. (odd addresses), Hillside Terrace, S Hite Ave., Longview Ave., Marion Ct., 2516-2634 Payne St., S Peterson Ave., Rowland Ave., Wildwood Pl.

Dumesnil House Rep: Jane Emke; Email Jane

Emmet Field District:  100-322 Cannons Ln. (even addresses), S Crestmoor Ave., Crestwood Ave., Eastover Ct., 108-421 Frankfort Ave., Richard Ave., Weisser Ave., Ingle Ave., 3185-3323 Lexington Rd. (odd addresses), McCready Ave.  

Emmet Field Rep: Alison Brotzge-Elder; Email Alison

Fairview/Hillcrest District: Belvar Ave., 2886-3211 Brownsboro Rd., Crescent Ave, English Ave., 2825-2930 Field Ave., Forest Ct., 2855-2915 Frankfort Ave. (odd Addresses), Hillcrest Ave., Knightbridge Rd., Maplecrest Ct., Pennsylvania Ave., Rebel Rd., Royer Ct., Westminister Ct., Winton Ave., 313-330 Zorn Ave.

Fairview/Hillcrest Rep: Diana Gautier; Email Diana

Kennedy Park District: S Birchwood Ave., Crescent Ct., 2736 Frankfort Ave., Graham Ave., 2777-2934 Grinstead Dr. (odd addresses), Kennedy Ave., Kennedy Ct.,

Kennedy Park Rep: Elicia Newcom Gregory; Email Elicia

Reservoir Park District: Arterburn Ave., Blackburn Ave., Claremont Ave., N Cresmoor Ave., Eastbourne Ave., 100-215 Finley Ave. (even addresses), Randolph Ave. 

Reservoir Park Rep: Steve Mershon; Email Steve

St. Jospeh District: Bayly, Ave., 100-228 N Borchwood Ave., 2700-2724 Brownsboro Rd (even addresses), 2703-2823 Field Ave., 100-236 N Hite Ave., Hollywood Terrace, Linden Ln., Macmore Pl., 225-233 Ridgedale Rd. Shippen Ave., Victor Pl. 

St. Joseph Rep: Terry Dunham; Email Terry  

Stilz District: Aubert Ave., Godfrey Ave., 2900-2944 Grinstead Dr.(even addresses), Hermany Ct., 2909-3441 Lexington Road (odd adresses), 2909-2911 Meadowlark Ave., Pleasantview Ave., 2901-2911 Springdale Rd., Stilz Ave. from Grinstead Dr. to Lexington Rd., Wentworth Ave.

Stilz Rep: Cynthia Thomas; Email Cynthia 

Catherine Anderson
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Barb Bower
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Sara Galvin
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Lewis Gentry
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Will Hobson
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Debbie Kamber
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Matthew Kellner
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Erin Klarer
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Lauren Lydon
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