By: Cynthia Thomas, President of CHCC

Hello neighbors, I ran into some longtime Crescent Hillians at the grocery last week and they brought up a concern that I agree could use some promotion so I told them I’d put together a flyer for them (they are admittedly not tech-savvy, but have a plan to recruit some neighborhood kids to help deliver the flyers to their neighborhood). It dawned on me that it was worth writing a short newsletter article about. a male postal worker wearing a head lamp, looking at a stack of envelopes while delivering mail

If you didn’t glean it from the title of the article, we would like to encourage neighbors to turn on their porch lights after dark. They recounted to me of how their mailperson sometimes comes after dark, and on their particular street there is only one streetlight. One evening they noticed that the rest of the street was very dark as many porch lights weren’t on. Being the good neighbors (well, people) that they are, they found a flashlight and a head lamp and gave them both to the mailperson. Now, there are some questions about why the postal service would not equip their carriers with this basic safety equipment, and they will be directing questions to some powers that be, but they already had it in their minds that we should create awareness via a flyer. I’m just taking their idea and including it in our neighborhood newsletter in hopes that we reach an even broader audience. Let’s get those porch lights on after dark! It obviously promotes safety for us all, but, more importantly, it provides a safer experience for our mail and newspaper carriers and other delivery services.