Did you know all of our activities are donation based? we do not charge admission fees for any of our activities. If all of the households in the CHCC area joined we could not only fund all of our current activities but could add new ones! Your $25 goes along way and can be your first step to getting more engaged in your neighborhood. Some of the benefits to being a member of the Crescent Hill Community Council are:

  1. Be HEARD. In a world of Zoom meetings and faceless interactions, it is easy to feel disconnected from your community. We meet monthly, face-to-face and love to hear from our members!
  2. Move the community in new ways! So many times people have great ideas in conversations, but those ideas never make it past the brainstorming phase. We can only talk about the ideas we know about! Please come to our meetings and share your ideas. We want to hear what our community is passionate about.
  3. Meet your local representatives. Councilperson Andrew Owen tries to come to all of our meetings and We invite members of the 5th Division LMPD to attend when possible. We often have visitors from the Water Company, Schools or other special interest groups to inform the group about new projects and take questions from community members.
  4. Have an impact on the direction of our neighborhood! A strong community council keeps our neighborhood thriving.

Please watch for your CHCC Board Representative to visit in the near future. They would love to meet with you and hear your ideas for the Council. Board members will drop off either a membership post card with directions on how to join the council. Join the CHCC and come to our next meeting (the first Thursday of every month)! We cannot wait to meet you.